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Earlier this month, TeacherHQ launched a new platform, and we are extremely excited about it. Increasing recruitment costs, unpalatable agency behaviour, countless industry inefficiencies, and unprecedented public sector funding cuts, have culminated in the need for education recruitment to really change, both in nature and provision.

The new TeacherHQ platform is based on quality, transparency and efficiency, whilst being incredibly cost-effective. We have built our product in close collaboration with schools from all over the country, to ensure it truly meets demand.

We feature a select number of very talented teachers for 2-3 weeks. This time period is important; it maintains user engagement and propagates a culture of immediacy. All featured teachers have been vetted and are actively looking for a new role. After signing up for free, teachers build their profile with help from our career advisors, and we only make the profile live once we’re confident they are prepared to interview. Once their profiles are live, teachers receive correspondence directly from schools and can access all necessary details in order to make an informed decision.  When a teacher accepts a job through TeacherHQ, we share our commission with them.

Schools are able to sign up, browse through candidates according to subject and phase, to compile a candidate shortlist in minutes, completely free of charge. Schools can immediately contact as many candidates as they wish, directly, without requesting CVs from several sources. When schools find their ideal teacher with TeacherHQ, we charge a maximum of 10% commission of the teacher’s annual salary, less than half the industry average. For schools our process is much more efficient than posting a job advert or contacting an agent. It is no longer good enough to expect schools to fork out for a job advert and wait around, without any guarantee that the perfect prospective staff member will see it and apply.

Schools don’t have the time to trawl through multiple mediums in order to try to reach their perfect employee without certainty they are high quality and available. Schools and teachers currently endure scores of irrelevant calls from agents who withhold information to protect their high commission! How can you make the right decision regarding something as important as your career, without proper communication and information? For this reason, amongst others, TeacherHQ is removing the middleman and making the process transparent.

It seems simple to us; no one knows the best candidate for a school better than the school itself. Our innovative technological advances have enabled us to redesign and ultimately simplify the entire process, to mark a new era in education recruitment, one where schools and teachers are in control.
We would love for you to explore our platform at and to hear your thoughts so we can continue to refine and improve our offering.


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