How to Shine in Your New Role

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You’ve landed your dream role. It’s the school you wanted to teach in, you have the freedom you desire and the culture suits you – but how do you ensure you make the right impression? Starting a new job is a two way street and it is important to stand out from the offset (for all the right reasons.) The ability to be a great employee is not something everyone possesses but it is something you should strive to achieve. If you shine in your new role, you will not only feel more confident, you will also be more likely to grow within the school. A great teacher will find new opportunities chapping on the door and this is what you should strive to achieve. Stand out from the crowd and shine in your new role by adopting some of these soft skills.


If you are always rushing late through the school gate in the morning, while your students are eagerly anticipating your arrival, it is unlikely you will go far in your career. Reliability is a valuable skill which will help you achieve great results in your role and is important if you want to make a great impression. Reliability is not just about good attendance and time-keeping, it is also about keeping your word and doing as you say. For instance, if you promise to stay late or help out at a function, make sure you do it, as this will show your employer that you are trustworthy – a great quality to have in all walks of life!

Friendly, positive attitude

Have you ever had a colleague who just drained the life out of you with their negativity? Most people have and it’s not particularly pleasant to be around. Don’t be the person who brings everyone else down, have the opposite effect on your colleagues and managers! If you are friendly and positive, people will gravitate towards you and it will put you in a good position for better opportunities in the future.


Education is all about ideas and problem solving, so why not become an inspiration to your colleagues? Teachers generally love to learn as much as students so share all your experience and have the confidence to lead. Not only will you grow as an individual within your role, you will also stand out from the crowd.

Accept Feedback

No one particularly likes criticism, but it is really important to be able to take feedback, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. You will never learn if you are not able to accept feedback and it can come across as arrogant, if you’re defensive any time someone offers feedback. Be open to ways you can improve and you will always enjoy growth – both professionally and personally.

Great Communicator

Of course this is a prerequisite for a teaching role, but it goes much further than just in the classroom. Listen to your colleagues and more senior staff, ask questions and take in any information you are given. A great communicator will talk and listen in equal measures.

If you want to shine in your new role, it just takes a bit of mindfulness and hard work, but it is achievable if you are determined to grow.


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