Defining School Culture

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If you want to hire the very best teachers into your school, you need to create the right kind of culture. The top performers will care more about the culture than the salary and benefits they are being offered – and these are the type of candidates you want to encourage to apply. An Employer Brand Study of over 800 employers and job seekers revealed that a staggering 84.3% felt that a ‘firm culture’ was important.

What is the Culture?

You may not really know what culture means or what your culture actually is and if this is the case, you are definitely not alone! The culture of an organisation is quite broad and include the values, the behaviour and the philosophies. Candidates will look at the way an employer treats their clients and employees in order to understand their culture. It is important to get the culture fit right, otherwise it can lead to problems and difficulty in retaining candidates. In a time where it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit teachers, it has never been more important to get the culture fit right – but what do candidates actually crave from a positive culture?

Freedom in the Role

Although teachers need to stick to a curriculum, most expect a good level of autonomy. They want to be able to teach in their own style and definitely do not want to be micro-managed. The top talent will want freedom in their role and will thrive in this kind of environment. If you create a culture where teachers feel constricted in their role, you will find it difficult to recruit the best talent.

Value Employees

It is important that candidates feel that the employer values their employees and this is particularly important in the teaching profession. They are likely to consider the work/life balance the school offers and the general attitude towards employees. With many teachers working in excess of 60 hours per week and experiencing high levels of stress because of it, it is clear that this is an aspect of the culture which is important to candidates in this profession. Offering a good work/life balance and treating employees with respect, will be more likely to entice candidates to apply.

Opportunities to Develop

Talented professionals will want to ensure they join a school which allows them the opportunity to develop. They won’t want to remain static within their role and if you can show them a clear line of progression, they will be much more likely to want to join. It is important to entice teachers, especially with the current skills shortage experienced in the profession and offering development opportunities is an essential way to do it. A great teacher relishes a challenge and they will expect this from a positive culture.

Good Management

One way to tell a good culture from a bad, is to understand more about the management structure and this is something candidates will look out for. Are the management strong leaders? Do they respect their employees and furthermore, do employees respect them? If you create a positive management structure, this will help to improve the culture and as a result, the candidates applying for the roles.


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