Are you overlooking some of the most effective talent acquisition strategies?

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With teacher recruitment down by a third on last year, it is time for recruiters within the education sector to take serious action to ensure they are filling key teaching roles. The education sector is in crisis and the problems only look likely to increase.  This means that strong acquisition strategies are more important that ever before and innovation is a necessity. It is simply not enough to advertise vacancies and wait for applications to arrive, recruiters need to be pro-active and smarter than ever before.

Did you realise you might be overlooking some of the most effective talent acquisition strategies? These are some you may want to consider.

Previous Employees

If a previous employee left on good terms and you will like to consider them for a new role, why not reach out and find out about their current situation? Previous employees or ‘boomerang employees’ as they are often referred to, can be a great asset to the company. They know the company processes and the culture, and will probably have gained some valuable new skills since their departure. A previous employee is only likely to consider a return if there have been some significant changes though and this is something to bear in mind. Consider the reasons they left the organisation in the first place and what might entice them to come back. Has there been any significant changes to the terms and conditions which may interest them or perhaps you have introduced new development opportunities? In the education sector, where the teachers are in such short supply, it is important to use any means possible to find great talent, but always make sure it is to the best interests of the business. If the teacher left and there have been no changes which would make them happier in their role, it is best not to go through the same process again. Only take this step if it will be beneficial for both parties and not detrimental to either.

Employee Finders Fees

Often overlooked, the finders fee is much more cost effective than using recruitment agencies, and it can be significantly more successful. Finders fees are those which are offered to current employees when they recommend someone into the organisation and are usually paid within 6 months to a year from the start date of the new employee. When you consider that agencies often charge as much as 20% of an annual salary, yet a referral fee is usually in the region of £500 – £1,000, it makes more sense to incorporate this into your talent acquisition strategy. Another advantage this form of talent acquisition has over others is that you are more likely to make the right hire. Employees will only usually recommend those that they know and trust so it means you have a better chance of improving retention levels too.

Social Media Strategy

If you want to improve your recruitment efforts, a strong social media strategy is imperative. Your social media should be aligned with your values and you should aim to be consistent with your content. The great thing about using social media is that you can reach the masses and you can use your content to provide candidates with insight into working in your organisation. Companies are increasingly using images and video content to entice candidates and with teacher recruitment at an all time low, it is necessary to use an innovative approach like this. Let’s not forget that social media is also free and with over 2 billion social media users across the globe, it makes sense to utilise it.

Don’t get left behind with your recruitment efforts. Make sure you take an innovative approach and you will soon notice an increase in uptake.

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