Are you overlooking some of the most effective talent acquisition strategies?

Reading Time: 3 minutesWith teacher recruitment down by a third on last year, it is time for recruiters within the education sector to take serious action to ensure they are filling key teaching roles. The education sector is in crisis and the problems only look likely to increase.  This means that strong acquisition strategies are more important that […]

Brexit update: how will Brexit impact on EU nationals working in schools in the UK and what can staff do to protect their position?

Reading Time: 4 minutesAs the UK moves into the next phase of its Brexit negotiations, the estimated 2.38 million people from EU countries who are working in the UK will no doubt be questioning what will happen to their status once we leave the EU. This is certainly the case in schools who are increasingly relying on teachers […]

Education in 2018: the Department for Education strategy

Reading Time: 4 minutesEducation in 2018 looks set to be turbulent. The Department of Education has steered its way through an uncertain political environment and arrived at a new social mobility strategy. However, with Justine Greening leaving the building that is now under threat. Hopefully, her legacy will be creating a clear set of ambitions for her successor […]

LGBT Diversity in Schools: Not what you say, it’s what you do.

Reading Time: 3 minutesI don’t say this very often but in some ways schools can learn from business- particularly in the area of diversity and its powerful impact on recruitment at retention. Most of the business world has clocked on to the fact that creating workplaces that celebrate diversity is key to success- education could learn from their […]

Podcast #2: In the Staffroom with Reach Academy

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn the second “In the Staffroom” podcast, we sit down with Hannah Whittenham who is the Operations Director of Reach Academy, a publicly funded, independently governed outstanding all-through school started by a team of Teach First Ambassadors. Hannah sits on the SLT and oversees all the non-teaching functions of the school. Hannah tells us about the […]

Segregating boys and girls at a co-ed school is direct discrimination

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe much publicised finding of the Court of Appeal that the practice of segregating boys and girls at a co-educational school is sex discrimination is unwelcome news for many schools. The Court decided that the segregation meant that girls and boys could not socialise with each other and even though both genders suffered this detriment there […]

TeacherHQ Guest Blogger

New TeacherHQ Guest Blogger: Liz Timmins of Doyle Clayton Solicitors

Reading Time: 2 minutesWe are delighted to announce Liz as a TeacherHQ Guest Blogger. Liz brings a huge amount of legal expertise in the education sector and will be providing us with up-to-date commentary on issues that both schools and teachers are facing. Below is a quick brief on Liz:   – What is your background and career […]